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Raw vs. Pasteurization
Numerous studies confirm the benefits of consuming raw foods including increased immune function, weight reduction, alleviate symptoms from rheumatoid disorders, and high levels of antioxidants.   

Pasteurization removes many of the enzymes and other nutrients in foods therefore pasteurized foods are not considered to be raw.   

If the juice is flash pasteurized or HPP it is still pasteurized and the molecular structure of the food has been altered.  Despite what the label might say, it is not truly raw.   

To receive maximum nutritional benefit with safety, drink juice made fresh from the highest quality organic ingredients on the safest equipment.   

Retail food facilities in San Diego County must use commercially approved equipment.  Farm to Fork Produce uses the only cold-press available that is commercially approved.  If your juice isn't made on equipment with a NSF certificate, it isn't made on commercially approved equipment.

HPP or high pressure pasteurization is a new technology that is now being used in place of heat pasteurization.  

"HPP offers an unsatisfactory alternative to what is known as raw juice. Raw juice enthusiasts desire not just the enjoyable taste, texture, and color of their favorite juice concoction, but the myriad health benefits including an important influx of live enzymes. Packed with living enzymes that act immediately to facilitate vital metabolic function, unpasteurized raw juice offers more than mere taste and texture. To the educated raw juicer, drinking juice without the live enzymes is a waste of time- and money!- as it shortchanges the detox, cleansing, and cellular repair processes.  Without live enzymes, save your money" ( For the entire article, click here 

The consumer has to make an informed decision between convenience or quality.  There is no substitute for fresh, raw, organic, cold pressed juice for optimum nutrition.  If the expiration date is more than three or four days can it really be fresh and raw?